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What Brought You Here

Is this Your Voice: 

" I feel like there is something bigger for me to do than just work for money, but I just can’t see it right now."

" I am stuck in old thought patterns that keep me walking through the revolving door of regrets."

" I would like to connect with my spiritual self, but the life I have created around me is so different." 

" I need to do something that will be a game changer in my life... It just seems like I am on repeat." 

The Symptoms:

  • Feeling stuck in a rut

  • Uncertain about your future direction in career, relationships or other personal development areas

  • Pausing on the brink of making a change but needing an extra push to move you forward positively, purposefully and constructively   


Let's Get Started on the Path to Your Renewal

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The Onanya

Yawasoe ShuriOshinipa Sinkalip uses a variety of different shamanic traditions to guide participants through their own individual healing journey. This medicine worker offers beautiful, luminous healing ceremonies that integrate aspects of all the traditions he is rooted in.

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in the House

Come treat yourself to some house cleaning. This is a spiritual plant medicine journey that was created to deepen the healing conversation between the body’s natural intelligence and the power & beauty of music. This one day workshop is designed to bring healing through movement.

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Work with YAWASOE as Your

Life Coach

“My Goal as a life assistant is to mirror and investigate the stories which make up your life.”

The realization that I have complete and total control over my life. I will whatever I want in my life and I can will things in my life that no longer serve me. Being depressed over something I have complete control over is no longer an option.
— Heather Williams, Ceremony Participant Testimonial